Sissel Annett


Ever since photographer Sissel Annett was a child, she has been fascinated by twins. As a matter of fact, she often felt that she should have been born as one. 

"It fascinates me that there are people who are born equal and almost identical."

Sissel has created her own dream world in which three identical girls share the lead role in act one. They are all wearing white dresses, which clarify the "invisible" bond the sisters have with each other.

The white color also represents our strength as human beings, as we are all humans and should live in harmony with each other.  

The photographer has also pulled in a black dress with some photographs to provide resistance to the white, and help create mental and physical contrasts in the images.

The pictures are beautiful but infinitely sad. They tell of a lifelong yearning and a longing to find Sissel's mirror image. The wonder and the search for a counterpart seem to vibrate through her pictures where we as viewers are led into a dialogue with the photographer, where words fade in comparison.

In the last part of the series, she turns her camera on herself and we as viewers are guided through her inner dialogue. Her photographs poses questions that require us to see, interpret, understand and feel. 

In a way, Sissel finds her twin through us as viewers of her work.